Tube & Pipe Profiling

Trans Vent Spiral Tubing are your trusted source for CNC pipe profiling services. With years of industry expertise, we take pride in meeting the highest performance, durability, and efficiency standards. 

Trans Vent utilise an autonomised 6-axis plasma/oxy CNC pipe profiling machine, offering superior accuracy, and cost effective solutions in comparison to conventional practices.

Providing in-house pipe fabrication and pipe spooling solutions, accepting customer supplied materials and outsourcing custom materials, Trans Vent is your one-stop-shop for all of your profiling and fabrication needs. 

Our CNC machine has a broad range of capabilities, suitable products and services include:

Product Sizing 
Pipe Diameter 60mm Ø minimum 660mm Ø maximum
Product Length Up to 12m 
Material Thickness Up to 25mm 

Available Cutting Shapes

Tube & Pipe Profiling Gallery

Our Products are Light Weight and easy to Handle

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