Spiral Piers


Metal Pier Liners around Brisbane and Sydney

Pier Liner Options

Our pier liners lead the way for concrete foundation forming. Because they’re lightweight and cost-efficient, we’re sure that we’ll have what you need. With our prompt delivery to your job site, you’ll be able to finish on time and on budget. There are three corrugations per strips, so you don’t have to worry about rigidity. Plus they can be cut and modified easily.

Column Formers

Our column formers come in round and oval shapes or with a smooth finish. They are highly resistant to water and do not struggle under weight pressure. Fortunately, they are affordable and can be manufactured to the required length. Made of recycled plastic P.E.T. bottles, smooth finish linings are perfect for areas where attention to detail is vital.

Void Forming Tube

As the name suggests, void forming tubes are perfect for void cavities forming within concrete formwork. Ideal for bridge spans and concrete decking, void tubes can be tied down to steel reinforcement to prevent floating. They also can be fitted with flat or bullnose end caps and come in a range of profiles. For more information on void tubing, reach out today.

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