Spiral Ducting


Efficient Air Conditioning Duct Solutions around Brisbane and Sydney

Air and Venting Ducting

Ideal for high-pressure applications, round spiral ducting is a great alternative to square ducts. Used often for AC ducting, ventilation, dust and fume extraction and more, spiral ducting is available in a range of profiles, material types and finishes. It also comes insulated and with spiral welded seams.

Our Insulated Ducting

At Trans Vent Spiral Tubing, we also offer insulated ducting. They come in many sizes including 25mm or 55mm yellow semi-rigid wool or polyester. Available in round or oval, it has perforated steel linings suited for 10mm Kao wool for heater element applications. The ends can be capped or open.

Space-Saving Ducting

Oval ducting is great for saving space in applications for air conditioning, dust and fume extraction and ventilation. It’s a more affordable option to choose and has a vast range of fittings. It can be ordered and delivered to your job site. And it comes in a variety of profiles, materials and finishes options.

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