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Culvert Tubing

If you need tubing for drainage and under-the-road irrigation applications, then you need our galvanised steel culvert tubing. It comes in a range of corrugated profiles, which means that it is strong yet affordable for everyone.
You also have the option of getting precast concrete drain trimmings for finishing ends.

Spiral Tubing

Perfect for high-pressure uses, spiral welded tubing is what you need. Because the spiral tubing is welded instead of conventional lock forming, it is strong and almost completely leak-proof. Its range of sizes, materials, thicknesses and grades makes it perfect for any situation you need.
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The tubing at Trans Vent Spiral Tubing can be used for so many different applications because their profiles are made for strength and rigidity. Some of these uses include pool foundations, downpipes, exhaust flues, rubbish and laundry chutes, display props, refineries, augers, culverts and underpinning.
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