Onsite Manufacturing

Onsite Manufacturing

At Trans Vent Spiral Tubing, we are committed to being on the forefront of round duct manufacturing. While we have fully equipped fabrication facilities in Sydney and Brisbane, Trans Vent are able to bring our manufacturing equipment direct to site. Typically utilised in remote areas to reduce transportation costs of your project, our onsite manufacturing process has a proven track record providing economical, convenient, and ideal processes for large spiral duct projects.  

Whether your project is located in Western Australia, Northern Territory, South Australia, regional Queensland, New South Wales or Victoria, we are committed to service your project. 


Our Process 

– Consultation 
Transvent begin by understanding gaining an understanding of your project requirements, specifications, and timeline. Our experienced team will then collaborate with you to create a tailored manufacturing plan. 

– Onsite Production 
Trans Vent have two containers set up, ready for transport of our spiral duct manufacturing equipment for your large tubing project. Once set up on site, our skilled technicians will oversee every step, ensuring precision and quality control. 

– Quality Assurance 
A key component to every project is quality assurance. Throughout the manufacturing process, Trans Vent will conduct rigorous quality checks to ensure every pipe meets or exceeds industry standards and your expectations. 

– Delivery 
Depending on the location of the onsite manufacturing area, Trans Vent are able to deliver your pipes directly to site. Combined with a specialist fleet of trucks and close industry connections, Trans Vent are able to offer a streamlined delivery process ensuring prompt and reliable service. 

Since 1975, Trans Vent Spiral Tubing have been your specialists in the industry, delivering high quality, custom manufactured piping projects to our customers Australia wide.  

Contact our team today to discuss your project needs and discover how our processes can benefit you. 

Products available for onsite manufacture: 

– Round Ventilation Duct 
Commonly utilised in on mining and infrastructure development projects, supplying duct ranging between 300mm and 2400mm dia, Trans Vent can offer a solution for your dust and fume extraction or air conditioning requirements.  

– Culvert Pipe (CLV & TRS corrugation) 
Ranging in sizes from 300mm to 2400mm dia, our culvert pipe can provide you with an option for drainage and access ways beneath roads or other earthworks.  

– Pier Liners & Void formers
At Trans Vent Spiral Tubing, we offer a comprehensive selection of round spiral pier liners ranging from 300mm to 2400mm dia, we are able to tailor our product to meet various construction and engineering requirements.  

Reasons to utilise Trans Vent Spiral Tubing’s onsite manufacturing process: 

– All products are professional made and cost effective 

– Utilise the latest manufacturing technologies. 

– All products are subjected to our stringent quality assurance processes 

– All products meet or exceed Australian Standards. 

– Experienced professionals with knowledge of product requirements and specifications 

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