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Trans Vent Spiral Tubing is proud to supply and manufacture post tensioning duct, commonly referred to as Grout Tube. Steel grout tube is utilised widely throughout the construction industry, particularly to create a void in precast and cast in-situ concrete applications such as starter bars, dowels and post tensioning cable.  

As leading suppliers within the Australian spiral ducting industry, our customers are able to rely on Trans Vent to manufacture, supply and deliver high quality, cost effective products. 

With a unique four corrugation profile between a continuous knurled lockseam, manufactured with Z275 galvanised steel, our customers can be confident our grout tube will provide exceptional strength, durability and versatility to suit your project needs.  

Through our efficient production methods, large range of stock availability and in-house manufacturing facilities, Trans Vent can offer supply and delivery of both stock and custom lengths of grout tube.  

Some of the many benefits to Trans Vent’s grout tubing include: 

  1. Reduced lead times – 2.5m lengths are stocked, available for purchase and delivery.  
  2. Custom lengths & packaging – Trans Vent can manufacture grout tube to your required length and delivery needs. 
  3. Lightweight & Cost effective – with our unique corrugation and lockseam profile, superior strength and durability is offered whilst using a lighter weight steel.  
  4. High adhesive properties – made from galvanised steel, our grout tube has superior adhesive properties to concrete. 
  5. Easily modified – Cut and joined on site with ease. 
  6. In-house manufacturing – Custom lengths available in all sizes. 
  7. Delivery – Trans Vent have a specialist fleet of trucks, set up to efficiently deliver our products Australia wide.  

Do you have further questions about Trans Vent’s Grout Tube? Speak to our team today to find out how we can assist. 

Outer Diameter Size Lengths Material Thickness 
(mm) (m) (mm) 
40 75 110 

Readily available in 2.5m lengths 


Custom lengths available upon request 

0.35 ↔ 0.4 Z275 Galvanised Steel Other thicknesses available upon request 
45 80 115 
50 85 120 
55 90 125 
60 95 130 
65 100 135 
70 105  


Grout Tube

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