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Trans Vent is a wholly Australian-owned family business. Started in 1975 and through three generations Trans Vent prides itself on service and quality. Our goal is to be Australia’s leader in the industry. Over the past 2 years, we have had considerable growth and have made a name for ourselves in the supply and service of quality spiral duct, tube, and piping services.

At Trans Vent we strive to maintain and improve our current market position and have recently started our next stage of development. We have now completed one of our next-generation Spiral Welded Mills. These mills utilise the most up-to-date technology available and are of a standard never before seen in Australia. The first of these mills are now in operation with a further two new generation mills currently being manufactured.

Trans Vent has a wide range of products from Lock Seam Spiral Ducting, Spiral Welded Tube, and full in-house manufacturing. We also supply and fabricate a wide range of Schedule piping in both Stainless and Mild Steel. At Trans Vent we believe in keeping our manufacturing processes in-house to maintain better service and quality. We have also recently upgraded our stainless passivation facility to be a first-class monitored system within the industry. At Trans Vent we also run our own fleet of trucks to ensure our products are delivered on time and in excellent condition.

Trans Vent Fabrication & Manufacturing


Trans Vent can also offer complete spooling and fabrication to suit your individual needs.

We have a comprehensive range of fittings; such as tube bends, reducers, branches and tees.

We also have a variety of joining methods we can offer on request, including flanges, Victaulic and coupling connections.


At Trans Vent we use specialised Spiral manufacturing & welding processes to meet our individual customer needs. 

We offer both Tig & Mig welding.

Trans Vent throughout its entire manufacturing process focus on the strictest quality procedures and regular inspections.


There are a wide range of applications for Spiral Welded tubes. Some of the more common are:

  • – Fume Extraction
  • – Rain Water Down pipes
  • – Water and Pulp Lines
  • – Condenser/Chiller Water Systems
  • – Furnace and Boiler Flues
  • – Water and Wort Lines
  • – Slurry and Chemical Applications
  • – Auger tubing
  • – Tri & Co-Generation
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